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Ostseebad Göhren Ferienhaus Rügen

Where the isle of Ruegen is most beautiful

The famous chalk cliffs of Ruegen and the Baltic seaside resort Goehren in South-East Ruegen’s Biosphere Reserve

Hardly a German landscape offers such a diverse variety of forms such as the island of Ruegen. The nature has created through the ages unique compositions from idyllic beaches, romantic steep banks of the famous chalk cliffs, dunes, wide beaches and seemingly endless rolling hills and meadows. So impressive the legendary landmark of Ruegen may be, Ruegen has always been more than just the chalk cliffs. Picturesque coves, miles of white sandy beaches, wide meadows and fields, groves dreamy, dense forests and cozy fishing villages.

Baltic seaside resort Goehren in South-East Ruegen’s Biosphere Reserve

Ruegen is a magnet for tourists, has a lot to offer and exudes a charm that is unparalleled. At the beginning of the 19th Century, the Romantics, who traveled in droves to the island to open its soul of harmony, knew about that already. Thus, in 1818 it was the reclusive and troubled melancholy of Caspar David Friedrich that inspired his now world-famous wedding picture on the chalk cliffs. On Ruegen, there are numerous places of dreams, created by wind, sea and a lot of time, which invite to just to forget everything around you - to let go ...

Ruegen is most beautiful on the Moenchgut Peninsula. Time seems to stand still. Lobbe, Middelhagen, Thiessow, Klein and Gross Zicker, Gager - one village is more beautiful than the other. The entire peninsula Moenchgut and their idyllic villages can be perfectly explored by bike to bike paths.

Baltic seaside resort Goehren Goehren is the capital of the peninsula Moenchgut. The former fishing village has developed in the last century into a major tourist resort. Goehren has two beaches: the beach north and the south beach. The location is the main access to the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve South-East Ruegen.

Baltic seaside resort Goehren in South-East Ruegen’s Biosphere Reserve

The Biosphere Reserve is a unique conservation area and one example among many on the island of Ruegen, which testifies the preservation of the region.

The island of Ruegen is a dream and that it should stay. It stands out in its uniqueness by the exchange between water and land that stretches far with its rolling hills.

Baltic seaside resort Goehren